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About Us

Umpiring, regardless of the level, is a profession - a paid occupation that requires a unique set of skills obtained through formal training.  As is the case with any other profession, members of the umpiring profession are viewed as professionals - individuals who constantly strive to master their profession.


The Greater Dallas Baseball Umpire Association has been established to enhance the quality of youth baseball umpiring by developing professional youth baseball umpires.  To accomplish this, we:

  • Have members who demonstrate commitment to maintaining the high standards set for members of the umpiring profession

  • Provide our members the education & training they need to be successful and to advance

  • Hold our members accountable to ensure we preserve the integrity of the umpiring profession.

Vision Statement

Become the most sought-after youth baseball umpire organization in the Dallas metroplex.

Mission Statement

Recruit, develop and retain "professional" youth baseball umpires by providing unmatched training, competitive pay, and the opportunity for advancement.

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